In Rainbows kind of day

So just to clear the air. We’re doing our best to keep the stories and stuff flowing, but truth be told we’re just kiddy kids on Christmas morning. We downloaded the latest offering from Radiohead last night and we’ve been listening to it pretty much straight through until our eyes are bloodshot. The great news is this album is wonderful.

Beautiful, haunting, lots of soundscapes to try and unfold. Drums, beats, and strings! Holy moly, their are wondrous stings tying the entire album together.

Essentially, it’s a Radiohead album. I would say this one is more refined than everything they’ve put out since Kid A. And that’s saying a lot. Anyway, today is a good day. It sounds like they’ve arrived at a place where they are finally free to stop pushing the envelope musically (which if they kept going where they were going they’d already be over the edge) and just make beautiful music.

And even though it’s cloudy and overcast in Portland, the sun is shining for sure.

Update: Album review after the jump.


Yeah.? It’s like that.

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