It’s all right baby

Buddy Guy & Junior Wells – “What I’d Say (It’s All Right)” (m4a)

This is perhaps my favorite rendition of one of my favorite songs. It’s pure and raw and emotional in a way that can only happen when performed by someone who’s seen some shit. Never has so much beauty come from just an acoustic guitar and a harp. Buddy Guy and Junior Wells pull something deep from inside them, bending the song and twisting it, taking it on tangents that Ray Charles could only dream of. Every note sounds as it’s a struggle, especially from Buddy Guy. If some interstellar alien were to ask me about American music, this might just be one of the songs I play for him, you don’t have to understand the words to understand what the guys are singing about.

This cut comes from the Live at Legends album and should be purchased here at Amazon. In fact you should purchase just about every collaboration available between these two. This concert marks the last live recording of these two legends playing together as Junior Wells died of lymphoma in January of 1998.

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