It’s good to be a little off the wall

One of the things that was so great in High and Outside was the movie’s soundtrack. It was a pretty eclectic mix of tunes, ranging from Fountains of Wayne, Talking Heads, Jurassic 5 to Buffalo Springfield. There were certainly some oddball choices and certainly some obvious choices. Regardless, we dug it enough to be inspired to come up with an Inspired By soundtrack.

So we offer some tunes that could and maybe should have been featured on the soundtrack. We really tried to not include any of the songs from the movie and instead come up with a great set of tunes. The hardest part was not relying on songs that had some theme of “space” in the title. Sometimes that couldn’t be avoided, but I think we did a good job of capturing Bill “Spaceman” Lee’s eccentric personality.

Many of these are songs inspired by his personality, others his beliefs, others we think are songs that he would just dig. Consider this, then, our tribute to one of baseball’s zaniest personalities in musical form.

Tracklist:(all songs can be downloaded with a right click of the mouse or you can grab the entire thing in a zip below)

1. The Byrds – “Mr. Spaceman” This song was actually featured in the movie but it’s too apropos to not inlcude here.

2. Apples in Stereo – “7 Stars” Cosmic wonder fits with Lee’s starry-eyed daydreaming.

3. Guster – “Satellite” It’s all in the opening line … “Shining like a work of art … are you what I think you are?”

4. Badly Drawn Boy -“Something to Talk About” Well, he certainly always gives us something to talk about with his unusual world views, like advocating smoking pot, his love for Fidel Castro, this list could go on forever.

5. Jenny Lewis – “Rise up with Fists!!!” Not many ballplayers wanted to be a union player rep back before free agency, but Lee did and he was always respected for trying to stand up to the man no behalf of the little guys.

6. Brewer and Shipley – “One Toke Over the Line” Well, who said marijuana was a bad thing? Certainly not Bill Lee.

7. Flaming Lips – “It Overtakes Me” If Bill Lee had been a rockstar instead of a baseball player, I imagine he would have been Wayne Coyne and started The Flaming Lips. I think these two were separated at birth.

8. Smashing Pumpkins – “Space Boy (acoustic)” A sad little ditty that seemed somehow appropriate. I love the acoustic version of this song, it just makes it much more heightened.

9. Holy Hail – “Born of a Star” I don’t think this song has anything to do with anything, but it’s a damn cool tune. I love the line “gimme money and steal my soul.” Somehow, Lee would think that one line describes modern day ballplayers.

10. New Pornographers – “Star Bodies” Ah, the reliance on songs with star in the title. My fav New Pornos tune and I’m including it cause I can. So there.

11. Belle and Sebastian – “It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career” After he got into a brawl with the Yankees, Lee’s career was never quite the same. One wonders how we would view him had Tony Perez not hit that homerun in game 7 of the 1976 World Sereis.

12. The Glands – “When I Laugh” Seems fitting to end here on a song about being sad when laughing. Lee’s personality seems to be a manifestation to hide some deep rooted sadness. What do they say about people that always have to be the clowning center of attention?

(ZIP) Grab the entire shebang here.

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