It’s not dumb white trash if it’s banging

JJ Grey & Mofro – “Country Ghetto” (M4a) I spent about a month and half of my life living in Fort Myers, FL, building houses for Habitat for Humanity.? It was all part of Americorps.? Despite being November, most days were hot as balls gliding around tresses, putting up facia, banging plywood roofs.? There isn’t much to do in Fort Myers except cruise around with the windows down.? Streets end in waterways or trailer parks and alligators often times come right up to the property lines.? Country ghetto indeed.? About a year later, no lie, Erik Estrada was pimping the affordable houses I built on a late night television commercial.? Mofro’s weird swamp rock meets Sly and the Family Stone grooves make me want to wear a wife beater and kick the crap out of Ponch.

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