Kurt Cobain just vomitted and curled up in his grave

Sigh. Worst. Band. Ever. Yup. Really what can you say that won’t already be said when you watch the video below. No mercy killing from the audience, no smiting from God, no gong and even no hook. But honestly, if you can make it through the entire video then all the power to you. We could out of morbid curiosity, it’s like watching some kind of gross gonzo porn. You know you don’t want to be watching, but you keep watching just to see how bad things end up. And it ends up badly. Got to love high school talent shows.

Still here? Okay, well we’ll give you some actual Nirvana to wash that taste of disgust outta your mouth. What’s the over under on how much smack Kurt has in him?

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  • jamesfurbush November 30, 2009, 1:25 pm

    Um … exactly my point. Nirvana is pretty much one of my favorite bands. Which is why I said Kurt was probably rolling around in his grave from the terrible rendition of one of his songs. Sigh…

  • troz November 30, 2009, 11:16 am

    u fuck head nirvana is a great band alot more talented then all the shit you hear today te 90's were the best for music at least there not writing about some bullshit were they have broken up with there girlfriend