Latest vid from Eef Barzelay

You may remember Mr. Barzelay and his oddly pitched voice from such bands as Clem Snide. Their brand of alt-country pop seemed to jell under the weight of Barzelay’s quirky lyrics and instantly recognizable voice.

For his latest, the lad has gone solo to contribute the song “I Love the Unknown” to the soundtrack for Rocket Science. The movie is another one of those oddball, coming of age stories. We’re hoping it’s worth the admission since we’re a sucker for these types of whimsical high school movies, being former outcasts and awkward teenagers and all. This time around our hero is a stuttering member of the debate team, who only joins to win the girl of his dreams.

Hijinks and hillarity ensue, no doubt. We’ve heard this one is a winner though as it premiered during Sundance back in January.

The vid has Barzelay acting like the teacher you always wished you’d had back in those halcyon days of acne, forced participation in sports and lots o’ Natty Light. Good times, good times. We just wish there was a Ginny when we were in high school…

Anyhow, the soundtrack features mostly original compositions from Barzelay, with a few Violent Femme tunes and a coupla other random tracks.

Rocket Science the Soundtrack is available now from Lakeshore Records. Rocket Science the movie possibly hits a theater near you today as it’s only out in limited. (via Stereogum)

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