Lollapalooza schedule 2007

The schedule for Lollapalooza 2007 has been announced and it may take staring at the packed three-day schedule, like those fuzzy pictures that reveal a 3D image if you stare at them long enough, to figure out your own musical adventure out in Chicago.

There are some toss ups each day and it really all depends on your tastes.

Day 1 has Elvis Perkins and The Fratellis going on at 12:30. Do you like literate folk or knuckleheaded Britpop? Then you’ve got Son Volt vs. Ted Leo at 1:30, which really I guess isn’t much of a conflict. Seems like a real Schiavo seeing Ted Leo, but hey you may like Jay Farrar a lot. By 4:30 you’ve got moe. going head to head with M.I.A., so maybe you’re a jamband kid or maybe you like out of this world Sri Lankan hip-hop. The night closes with the dance kids backing Daft Punk going toe to toe with Ben Harper at 8:30.

Day 2 has the difficult decision of Pete Yorn or Tapes ‘n Tapes at 1:30. But regardless with whom you choose you def. have to duck out and catch Sam Roberts at 2:15. Other than that the second day should be a breeze, with the exception of your 5:30 choice with The Hold Steady, Regina Spektor and CSS all playing at the same time. Damn! That’s a real snafu.

If you’re not worn out by Day 3, or just thinking about all of these bands, well, you’ve got some tough decisions to make on Sunday. Lupe Fiasco or Amy Winehouse at 2:15? Or Yo La Tengo, !!!, or Peter, Bjorn & John all around 5:15? Heavy weights My Morning Jacket or Modest Mouse at 6:15? (Good friend and hopefully soon to be collaborator Seamus Gallivan wouldn’t have a difficult time at all. MMJ will “melt your face and your heart,” as he describes it; though I’m still trying to get past the reverbed vocals.) Hop down to TV on the Radio at 7:15, before shuffling off to Eddie Veder and the boys of Pearl Jam at 8.

Download a schedule here and get figuring things out.

Whew. Have you seen the 3D image yet? Cause I’m still staring and wondering when I’m going to see the schooner.

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.

A schooner is a sailboat you idiot.

If you don’t like Mallrats just scroll to about the 5:30 mark to see Ehtan Suplee freak out. And then let us know which bands you’d want to see or which bands we should be going to see.

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