Mason Jennings @ The Opera House, Boston 4/20/07

So after all the excitement, our bubble burst pretty eff’en quickly. Yes, yes, we knew the show supposedly began at 7:30, but when was the last time any show ever began on time? Exactly. We figured if we got there for 7:30-7:45 we’d have plenty of time to grab a beer, find our seats and have photog extraordinaire Amy Burton snap some shots of both acts. Unfortunately, we were told that Mason went on promplty at 7:30.

Ugg. We scrambled to get into the Opera House, get some photos and enjoy what would become his brief four song set. Anyone out there go to the show and see the whole thing? We’d love to get a set list and some thoughts on the show. Our initial reaction was that it would have been a dandy of a set. It was just Mason on guitar and yet another travelling band playing bass and drums for him.

We loved the rendition of “Jackson Square” and “Soldier Boy.” Both highlighting the best of what Mason offers. Upbeat songs with rumative lyrics. Nothing we can do, even the PR person, responsible for getting us down to the stage was surprised and shocked he went on so soon. We’ll just have to go out of our way to catch Mason sometime really soon, preferably when he’s headlining a smaller venue and not being treated like any other opening act. Complete disrespect.

More photos from Amy Burton after the jump.

Gotta love the German army field coat.




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