Monolith Festival schedule announced

Well, as we were taking a break from finding out whether Jack White had a boy or girl and if said child was going to be opaque or transluscent, we got word that the Monolith Schedule had been announced.

Now, we’ve been thrilled at the idea of a two day music event at one of the premiere music venues in the country from the get go, but our excitement was significantly wratched up when it went from unisigned/unknown bands to some of the biggest names in music.

We were expecting local Colorado musicians and Myspace phenoms and instead you’ll be getting the likes of Cake, The Flaming Lips, Spoon, The Decemberists, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, et cetera.? You’ll also be able to see smaller acts like Meese, Au Revoir Simone, White Rabbits, Matt & Kim and The Nuclear So and So’s.

Check out the full schedule.? You’ve got four stages to choose from. ? The only complaint?? All the shows on each of the stages are all scheduled to begin around the same time.? There’s not a lot of overlap, so it looks as if you’d have to make some hard decisions about who to see and miss.

The problem is they’ve put all the great acts on the mainstage both days.? Is it really a difficult decision about whom to see when you look at the schedule?? For us, it’s a no-brainer.? Camp your butt as close to the main stage as possible and shake your butt off.

Although on day two, one of the secondary stages features such up and comers as Au Revoir Simone, White Rabbits, YACHT, Via Audio and Forget Cassettes.? All fantastic bands.? But more fantastic than say, Art Brut, Spoon and The Flaming Lips?? Exactly my point.

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