Never mind the bulllocks it’s punk!

Hard to believe that punk is turning 30 this year. But it is! And in celebration Spin is devoting the entire October issue to all things punk. You know, cause nothing says punk more than some big corporate magazine going balls in.

No stone was left unturned as they’ve got comprehensive lists of “30 best punk albums of 1977” and “20 best singles from bands who hadn’t released an album yet” and they’ve got punk reunions and Johnny Rotten and so forth.

Besides it doesn’t get more punk then Mr. Rotten proclaiming Journey is one of his favorite bands.

Raise a clenched fist in the air to punk rock. As always, Something Awful takes the time to explain the difference between a real punk and fake punk. What are you?


Just so you know, there’s nothing more punk than being called a “pop” group by The Daily Mirror, unless of course Journey is your favorite band.

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