New CD Releases

A few good albums releases today.?? And a few surprising albums streeted.? Um…how did everyone miss DJ Jazzy Jeff’s new album.? I haven’t heard anything about it until this very morning. Without further ado:

Bloc Party – “Weekend in the City” All in all it’s not a bad follow up to the jaw-droppingly good “Silent Alaram.”? However, the new album just doesn’t hold a candle to their debut.? Mostly the ambition has been stripped away and it sounds as if they were going for a more radio-friendly sound.? Worth checking out, but fans of their first album will be left feeling out in the cold and most likely disapointed.

The Apples in Stereo – “New Magnetic Wonder” Early buzz is this new disc is the best one yet from Apples in Stereo.? After a five-year absense the best of the Elephant 6 bands returns with several charming, psychedelic pop numbers.

Keller Williams – “Dreams” We’ve got a review of this new album from the often-funny, incredibly talented Keller Williams coming up later today.? But suffice it to say, his latest is darn good with a slew of special guests to boot.

Yoko Ono – “Yes, I’m a Witch” Yes, yes you are.? And don’t think we don’t know you used you’re witch powers on Mark David Chapman to redirect that bullet intended for you.? We kid, we kid.? But seriously this is one of those trendy albums where an older artist pairs up with some hip kids from around the block.? But man are the kids hip.? From The Flaming Lips, Cat Power, Le Tigre, Apples in Stereo, Antony and the Johnsons, and the Polyphonic Spree.? Anyone have a copy and want to pass it this way please give us a shout.

DJ Jazzy Jeff – “Return of the Magnificent” Oddly we can’t find anything on this new release, but I’m guessing someone should page Will Smith… Really once the two went their own seperate ways neither one has been the same.? Has anyone seen “The Pursuit of Happyness”?? Exactly, enough said.


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