New Iron & Wine – “Boy With a Coin”

Sam Beam, otherwise known as the driving force behind indie-folk Southern gothic group Iron & Wine will drop his latest Sub Pop album sometime in September. He’s finished recording and the first track from the album has surfaced over at MOKB.

First listen is it sounds like classic Iron & Wine, only with a larger production budget. Seems that Sam has decided to have a little fun, this track finds him working with an African/Southwestern vibe. Handclaps and a djembe, slight wisps of electric guitar play underneath his trademark lyrically flow. Which is to say that the vocals are very soft and very personal, telling the story of a boy and his connection to nature and the world around him.

Though we get the feeling that Sam Beam could always put us to sleep, it’s because his music is so entrancing. It pulls you in an lulls you into a state of deep contemplation. And that’s not a bad thing.

Mp3: Iron & Wine – “Boy With a Coin” [song removed by Sub Pop request]

The Shepherd’s Dog drops Sept. 25 on Sub Pop Records.

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