New Rilo Kiley – “Under the Blacklight”


Jenny Lewis will always be near and dear to our hearts, whether it was growing up with her as an actress in such fair as Troop Beverly Hills, Foxfire, Friendship in Vienna, The Wizard, and lastly taking a trip down memory lane with her to Pleasantville, or when we realized the dame can sing a tune as leader of sometimes rollicking, sometimes delicate, but mostly heartbreaking indie rock/alt country band Rilo Kiley.

We were even duped into adoring her solo album with The Watson Twins, last year’s Rabbit Fur Coat. She’s not the purdiest or even the best of singers, but dang it if she doesn’t have that unnameable thing.

Or maybe we’ve been crushing on her since she taught Fred Savage how to use the power glove. Regardless, the news of yet another Rilo Kiley album was greeted with hand claps and whistles in these parts.

Under the Blacklight will be released on Warner Bros. August 21 and will be the band’s fourth album. We haven’t heard from the gang since 2004’s More Adventurous. You can get more deets of the upcoming album from Harp Magazine, which has published Warners press release.

Under The Blacklight tracklisting:

01. Silver Lining
02. Close Call
03. The Moneymaker
04. Breakin’ Up
05. Under the Blacklight
06. Dreamworld
07. Dejalo
08. 15
09. Smoke Detector
10. The Angels Hung Around
11. Give a Little Love

Since tracks haven’t surfaced yet, we’ll just leave ya’ll with some random things to get you as pumped as we are. Mp3s and some videos and a special treat for all of you The Wizard fans. Cause we know there are a lot of you out there. After the jump of course.

The Power Glove was bad, and not bad is in good either. Seriously you ever try to use one of those things back in the day? I’m guessing the makers of the Wii had short memories, cause if they remembered the Power Glove they wouldn’t have tried to make the awesomeness of the Wii.

The infamous “The Frug” video.

Not sure what The Frug is or what doing The Smurf is, but we’ll do it if Jenny Lewis asks us too. Cause she is bad. And Papa Smurf is adorable too.

Mp3: Rilo Kiley – “Portions of Foxes”

Mp3: Rilo Kiley – “I Never”

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