New White Stripes video – “Conquest”

Back when Icky Thump came out I was having a chat with one of my buddies, who might possibly love The White Stripes more than me. Anyway, we were talking about the merits of the album, how it was very worldly with Spanish, Mexican, Scottish influences among many other. The downside was that it was a White Stripes album and after awhile you begin to get an idea of what exactly a “White Stripes” album will inevitably soundlike.

And then my buddy Jay goes, “well all I can say is Cooooooooonnnnnqqqqqquuuuuuuuessst!” And I have to hand it to him, that might be the best one word review of any album this year. Here’s the bullfighting vid, with Jack doing his matador thing and Meg looking on at the puppy eyed bull.

Not as good as the eBay commercial though.

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