New White Stripes video – “You Don’t Know What Love Is”

Jack and Meg have a new video out, for what is probably the best song off of Icky Thump.? It’s catchy as hell and really harkens back to a day when rock music got heavier, darker and generally better.? Which is strange, because the song is one of the tamer Stripes tunes.

Regardless, you can check out the cool video over at MTV2.

And just because we love you, we’ve dug up some video footage of their recent secret shows jaunt through Canada.? In case you haven’t heard, Jack and Meg toured Canada, with the goal of playing every city and province, and at several concert stops they played a stripped down secret show in some strange place.? Like at a YMCA for a bunch of kids attending day camp, for a children’s hospital or on a bus, etc.? Take the jump for some hightlights.

And yeah, this is the biggest rock band in the world.? If you don’t get goose bumps from watching the reaction of these people singing “The wheels on the bus” and then rocking out to an acoustic “Hotel Yorba” then it’s safe to say you don’t love music or have a soul.

On a boat at PEI

At the Yukon

Playing at the Hope Mission in Edmunton

Playing with a random busker in Winnipeg

Playing at a Saskatoon bowling ally

“Ball and a Biscuit” at a youth center

At the Toronto YMCA

And finally, the last note on the? tour, completing their goal.? It was only one note, but what a damn fine note.

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