New Wilco tracks off ‘Blue Sky Blue’

Glynny over at Greater Freedom tried to predict which albums this year members of his entourage were most looking forward to.? Though he mostly and correctly predicted I’d be looking forward to the new White Stripes disc (even though I didn’t know they were working on one), he forget to add Wilco’s Blue Sky Blue to the mix.

Three tracks from the album have surfaced over at Shameless Complacency (via Stereogum).? Be sure to grab em.? It sounds as if Wilco is returning to their alt-country ways circa A.M. with some R&B tossed into the stew.? Gotta love good’ole Jeff Tweedy for forever keeping his Wilco acolytes on their toes.? Both “You Are My Face” and “Either Way” sound like cuts off of Being There or Summerteeth.? “Walken” has a slinky piano and slide geetar sound.

Blue Sky Blue drops 5/15 on Nonesuch.

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