Not exactly the hammer of the gods


But pretty darn close.? We didn’t have time around here to do much on the Led Zep reunion show at O2 Arena on Dec. 10 for the Ahmet Ertegum tribute yesterday or Monday.? And by now it’s been covered a lot.? There are plenty of YouTube clips to watch (like the one below), photos of the show, live blogging, contrarian opinions, etc.

Regardless, doesn’t it just feel like this should have happened about 15 years ago?? And with the first one out of the way, a tour should in all likelyhood follow.? The question is, how much would you pay for tickets?? $200?? $250?? $500?? How much is too much is probably the more appropriate thing to ask.

Update: Seems Robert Plant will be at Bonnaroo, just not with the rest of Led Zep.? Seems he’s making an appearance with bluegrass legend Allison Krauss in support of their fine album Raising Sand.? Of course, with Plant in tow, is it possible that he could pull double duty at the venerable music festival?? Let the rumor mill churn away.

Sad to think we missed the greatest opportunity to unironically, or post-ironically scream for Stairway at a concert since, well, ever.? Enjoy the rendition of “Stairway to Heaven” from the concert Monday.

Mp3: Led Zeppelin – “Stairway to Heaven (12-10-07 O2 Arena)”

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