On a beach in my sexy suit and doing the white man’s overbite

Rilo Kiley – “Dejalo” (Mp3)

When it gets down to it, this song doesn’t make a lick of sense on a lyrical level.? But it’s got this tropical, breezy disco vibe.? Sand underneath toes, cocktails served in coconuts with umbrellas, women in skirts and bikini tops, men wearing cream colored suits and rose colored shirts, a reggae band playing just behind some dudes twirling fire.? There’s a sense of urgency and carefreeness with which the narrator sings.? If this song had come out six years ago it almost certainly would have been featured in a Pierce Brosnan tropical espionage or bank robbering flick, in which our hero wins over the girl by dancy the sexy dance with a half unbuttoned shirt on.

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