On the Road with Grace Potter

I suppose we’d also be on the road with her band The Nocturnals, which is infinitely more enjoyable, I suspect, than being on the road with a drunken Jack Kerouac, a stoned Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassidy on speed.

Mostly that’s due to Grace Potter being the new walking embodiment of sex appeal.? Yup, that was the sound of her tossing Jenny Lewis off the cliff.? Also, it should be noted that I have a chance with her since she could be single but she is most definitely legally blind.? Anyway, I digress.

I was searching for some info on Grace Potter and the Nocturnals because it’s high time I featured them for the Song of the Day.? Lo and behold, however, the group has gone out of their way to post seven tour videos for your viewing pleasure through their own film company, Nocturnica Pictures.

Each episode features concert footage and the band goofing around on the tour bus, etc. The first episode came out at the end of October and the second episode is out now, numbers 3-7 will be debuting in the future.? The following is the first episode for viewing pleasure.

Via: HT

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