Oyster odds and ends

This hasn’t been such a great week momentum wise for us here in Oysterland. There’s been a lot going on, we’ve become obsessed with tweaking the little things on the website to make the appearance overall seem better. We’ve added a music player so that while you’re cruising through the articles and checking out the latest and greatest you can get a taste for what we’re listening to as well. We’ll always be changing the tunes every week, so there will always be something new to listen to. Some might stay, others might leave. That feature comes coutresy of Finetune. Unfortunately we had to cut off a little bit of the player to fit it into our sidebar. We hope the good folks will eventually build a player with an adjustable size. Hint, hint.

And we’ve tweaked the look of the Snap Preview for outgoing links. We like this feature since before clicking on a link you can see exactly what you’ll be clicking to.

Hopefully, very soon we’ll be adding some snazzy header artwork and a virtual gallery for artists to show off some of their goods and provide an outlet for them to sell their work.

On an unrelated note, we were just sent this article by good friend Shweta Dixit. You can almost see the tears trickling down Borat’s face. Okay, so it’s not something to joke about, but this just about took the wind out of our sails. Doctors in Kazakhstan are on trial for giving patients blood transfusions infected with H.I.V.

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