Paul McCartney’s memory a little cloudy

Cloudy as in the fog of pot smoke hasn’t quite left him yet. The Beatles legend has confessed that it was Elvis Presley who influenced the making of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. In the interview Sir Paul says:

“We had this idea that we’d make a record, and the record itself would go on tour for us. That came from a story we’d heard about Elvis’ Cadillac going on tour. We though that was an amazing idea: He doesn’t go on tour, he just sends his Cadillac out. Fantastic!”

So to update: We have Elvis to thank for Sgt. Pepper’s, not the Beach Boys’s Brian Wilson, as has long been thought it was Pet Sounds that forced Sir Paul and Saint John to step up their gamesmanship. Oh yeah, that and lots of drugs.

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