Paul Simon – Gershwin tribute on PBS

I’ll admit it.? I’ve always liked Paul Simon, have a bunch of his albums, recognize his place in music history, but I’ve never loved Paul Simon.

That is until last night.? This is probably an old special, in fact it first aird back in June, but I was flicking through the channels and saw this Gershwin Prize for Popular Song celebrating Paul Simon.? Anyway the deets aren’t that important.? But, they had all these artists paying tribute to Paul Simon and singing his songs.

I stopped because Ziggy Marley was singing a reggae version of “Mother and Child Reunion” and it was dope, only it woulda been great had it been Bob Marley, but whatever.? Anyway, I sat and for the first time just fell in love with Paul Simon.? This might be the best television/celebration show I’ll watch all year.

I highly recommend catching it if it airs again, and knowing PBS it’ll air another 5,000 times by the end of the year and twice more during their fund-raising telethon.? It features a Simon & Garfunkle reunion (talk about dead weight, man has Garfunkle aged badly), James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Allison Krauss, The Dixie Hummingbirds and so many other great musical acts.? To wit:

Paul Simon and George Harrison on SNL

This only confirms that George Harrison is the single most underappreciated musician from the past half-century.? There I said it.? No one will be able to convince me otherwise.

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