Polaris Music Prize finalist announced

The Polaris Music Prize is given to a Canadian band or singer based on merit.? It’s the equivalent of the Shortlist or Mercury Prize.? This year, there’s a bumper crop of exceptional bands and albums being celebrated.? There is at least four albums on the list that could very easily end up in our best of year end list.? That’s pretty incredible; but more than anything it makes me want to listen to the albums I’m not familiar with on the list.

Here are the nominees:

  1. Arcade Fire – “Neon Bible”
  2. The Besnard Lakes – “The Besnard Lakes are the Dark Horse”
  3. The Dears – “Gang of Losers”
  4. Julie Doiron – “Woke Myself Up”
  5. Feist – “The Reminder”
  6. Junior Boys – “So This is Goodbye”
  7. Miracle Fortress – “Five Roses”
  8. Joel Plaskett Emergency – “Ashtray Rock”
  9. Chad VanGaalen – “Skelliconnection”
  10. Patrick Watson – “Closer to Paradise”

For our money we can’t stop listening to Feist, Patrick Watson, Arcade Fire and The Besnard Lakes.? Anyone have the scoop on any of these other bands or artists?

Yeah Canadian pop!

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