Lyle Lovett – “If I Had a Boat”

Does anyone really understand Lyle Lovett? Will anyone ever? Probably not, but listening to his Pontiac album it’s fathomable why Julia Roberts would marry the homely looking country singer. At the time she was the biggest movie star and it was like, “what?!? She’s marrying whom? You’re kidding right?”

Go out and get your hands on Pontiac. While the world will never understand Lyle Lovett, it’s clear that he understands us more than we’ll ever know. He paints songs as Monet painted water lillies. Subtle, underwhelming from a distance, immensely complex up close, revealing more with each listen. Clearly the work of a master even if they make it look so easy and effortless.

The album swings from twangy, up beat numbers like “Give Back My Heat,” “She’s Hot To Go” and “M-O-N-E-Y” to the gentler, introspective tunes like “If I Had A Boat” or “Walk Through the Bottomland.”

Who knew? Certainly not us, until very recently. Even though we were like 7 when the album came out in 1987 we’re just glad we finally found you Lyle.

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