Radiohead close to a distribution deal

Filter Magazine is reporting that Radiohead, who basically sent Earthquakes throughout the music industry last week, with the announcement of their seventh LP being available for donation on their website, is close to signing a distribution deal to release In Rainbows on CD.

Among those vying for the honor of distributing the disc are Warner Bros, former label EMI and ATO, who are currently seen as the most attractive candidates.

Although there was high speculation that Radiohead would not sign to a label, the band wants to distribute In Rainbows to a mass marketplace and understands that a label partnership is a necessity to achieve such a goal.

The digital release of In Rainbows drops October 10, while the hard copy is slated to hit stores in early 2008.

Good for them. Not likely that too many folks will be buying the cd at a Best Buy or Walmart, seeing as every Radiohead fan already will be downloading it tomorrow! And then once that happens it’ll have already leaked and so and so forth. Not like Radiohead needs the money and I can’t imagine too many people rushing out in 2008 to get this unless there is a banging single on the radio.

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