Radiohead fans have spoken and the band’s music is worth nothing


Every since the hoopla surrounding the “pay what you want” album In Rainbows, one of the big questions was how much did Radiohead fan’s pay for the album and how much did that net the band. There’s no doubt that this was the most important record release this year: prompting everyone to focus on the music, talk about it and it’s relationship to how much you pay for an album. It was really a deft marketing move on the part of Thom Yorke and the guys.

For once, music wasn’t something indisposable that gets thrown away with the next day’s music postings. More than anything the release made music an event again. In fact, along with Stylus closing up shop, Amy Winehouse’s disasterous free fall, OiNk getting shut down, this was probably the biggest music event to happen this year – at least for me.

A study by comScore Inc. reveils that “Some 62 percent of the people who downloaded “In Rainbows” in a four- week period last month opted not to pay the British alt-rockers a cent. But the remaining 38 percent voluntarily paid an average of $6.” So two out of five people didn’t pay for the album? Crazy.

Though this may give us an aproximation to what so many people have been wondering, it looks as if their data sample and numbers might not be entirely accurate.

The results of the study were drawn from data gathered from a few hundred people who are part of comScore’s database of 2 million computer users worldwide. The firm, which has permission to monitor the computer users’ online behavior, did not provide a margin of error for the study’s results.

Between Oct. 1 and Oct. 29, about 1.2 million people visited the Web site the band set up for fans to download the album, comScore said Monday. The research firm did not say how many people in its study actually bought the album.

At the end of the day, however, one has to believe that the fiduciary aspects of this story matter only from a business perspective and not so much a musical one. (Via: HT)

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