Radiohead.TV webcast – “Thumb’s Down”

Well, that’s what the band was calling it, but anyone who watched this knows this was nothing but thumbs up. Wish I was that eight limbed Indian girl so I could give this eight thumbs up, but we’ll have to settle for two.

Damn… that’s really all there is to say. This was quite a treat for any Radiohead fan. Depending on where you were living, this was either a few hours well spent at night or in the afternoon. We got live renditions of songs, covers of New Order and The Smiths, a Se7en parody, “Faust Arp” played at sunset in a field, Thom spinning M.I.A. and !!! Damn. I mean really.

You can check out Stereogum and Pitchfork’s coverage of this webcast, as they were live blogging this, unfortunately for us we could only watch as we had the film fest to get ready for. They’ve got some nice screencaps and Mp3’s of the performance to download if you are so inclined. And also their play-by-play are quite good. Psst, Pitchfork, don’t hate us be we stole the below screencap from you since they were so pretty.


Here’s the band’s DJing setlist:

Burial: “Near Dark”
M.I.A.: “Pull Up the People”
Tomas Anderson: “Happy Happy”
!!!: “Heart of Hearts”
Kings of Leon: “My Party”
Asian Dub Foundation: “Model Apprentice”
Jorge Ben: “Take It Easy My Brother Charlie”
Les Baxter: “The Ancient Galleon”
The First Edition: “Just Dropped in (To See What Condition My Condition Was in)”
Iggy Pop: “Nightclubbin'”
Squarepusher: “My Red Hot Car”
Bauhaus: “Bella Lugosi’s Dead”
Iron and Wine: “Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car”
Captain Beefheat: “Sun Zoom Spark”
Bonnie Prince Billy: “Lessons From What’s Poor”
Asian Dub Foundation: “Naxalite”
Ray Charles: “It Should’ve Been Me”
Juana Molina: “Micael”
Fela Kuti & the Africa 70: “Alu Jon Jonki Jon”

Not too shabby. Take the jump for the video highlights.

Se7en Parody & “15 Steps”


“The Headmaster’s Ritual” (Smith’s cover)

“Faust Arp”

“In the Carpark”

“Ceremony” (New Order cover)

“Jigsaw Falling Into Place”


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