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Carolina Chocolate Drops – “Dona Got a Ramblin’ mind” (Mp3)

My favorite Christmas movie is Emmet Otter’s Jug-band Christmas.? It was an early Muppet movie about an otter who forms a ragtag jugband to win a battle of the bands and the prize money to buy his mother a new washtub.? Honestly, if anyone reads this and is a fan of this Christmas movie just give a shoutout in the comments so I know others are on board with me when I make the statement that it is the best Christmas movie ever.

Anyway, so what really struck me the most about the movie was the jugband.? I’ve been in love with that old timey sound ever since.? So flash forward to this summer.? I’m reading in this magazine about this band and how they are playing an African-American Appalachian sound that practically died in the 1920’s.? So I ask my friend Lark about the Carolina Chocolate Drops, because she’s an expert in all things bluegrass old-timey.

Lark says: “How do you know about them?? They’re amazing.? I was at a party one time and I’m smoking a joint and this tall black guy siddles up next to me and he goes, in a real real deep southern accent, ‘I don’t mean to be a scavenger but I get some of that.’ I could stop laughing but it turned out to be one of the guys in the band.? He’s real nice.”

You should hear her tell it, it’s just about the best story ever.? So what does this have to do with the music?? I dunno, but I think this is the kind of music that speaks for itself.? It’s power lies in some deep rooted history that Americans share.? It’s hard to not be bowled over by the idea that the is made with a banjo, fiddle, jug and other odd instruments.? It helps me sleep at night knowing there are people out there willing to sacrifice a huge music career to make the music that they love and in turn share that with other people who love that music.

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