Ryan Montbleau versus baseball in Boston

Anyone who’s from Boston or spent time living in the city knows that when it comes to the Red Sox and the city it’s pretty much a losing cause. So much so, that even the ownership of the New England Patriots get jealous over the love affair. They all sort of wonder what they have to do to get the same kind of love.

Regardless, Boston singer-songwriter Ryan Montbleau is facing this same up hill battle this weekend when he returns home to play Sat. and Sun. at The Paradise. He’s got a big following, big enough. Anyone who goes to see him or hears his music instantly becomes a fan. He’s authentic in every way. Before ever seeing him perform live and even before I knew what he looked like I could swear he was some old time R&B singer from the 70’s. He’s just got this old-timey soulful, jazzy vibe, so of course I was shocked when I found he was white. What can I say, it’s always a bit shameful when you’re confronted by your own racism. Since he’s been touring for so long, the band are true road warriors, the band only has two official studio releases.

You won’t be disappointed by either though. What is disappointing is the thought of the band cancelling their gigs this weekend because of the Red Sox. Now, I could understand if the Sox were at home for Games 3 and 4, which coincide with their Sat. and Sun. performances, however, those games are being played in Colorado.

From his blog:

I never cancel shows if there’s anything I can do about it. One time I cancelled because my van blew up in the desert. The other time I had strep throat and physicallly could not sing. That’s it. And now I was being asked to cancel because the Red Sox were in the World Series and there wouldn’t be enough ticket sales that night.

Forget it, I’m doing it, I told them. I have a responsibility to anyone who already bought a ticket for Sunday (there were about 85 or so presold) and that’s the end of it. They basically told me, “Yeah, but you should really cancel.” No, I don’t want to cancel. “Yeah, well, you should really, really cancel.”

Finally, after being pressured from all sides upstairs, I caved in. I want to do right by people and I just want to do what makes sense. Fine, we’ll cancel…

Then Live Nation tells us that they can’t honor Sunday tickets for Saturday.

So that means if someone bought a ticket for Sunday, they would have to refund their ticket, get screwed on the non-refundable fees that they already paid, buy a new ticket for Saturday and pay the fees all over again. Just to go to the show on a different night than they actually wanted to go.

F that. We’re playing on Sunday.

I’m sort of still freaking out a little because if not many people go this weekend, Live Nation will say “I told you so” and may stick it to us in the future. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. I think people are coming. And either way, I’m going to play my heart out for anyone who does come. That’s all that matters, right?

We’re setting up TVs in the club so people who want to watch the game can do that while we play. Normally I would never do something like that, but it’s in Boston and the Red Sox are in the World Series. I get it. I just want everyone to get what they want.

You can read more over at his blog. I think this is pretty terrible all around. Live Nation if they are pressuring him to cancel Sunday’s concert should do what’s right and honor Sunday’s tix on Saturday. Because it’s not like they’re the ones getting screwed it’s Ryan and his fans who bought tix. Good for him for sticking to his guns.

If you’re in Boston then go check him out you won’t be sorry. Sounds like Ryan is going to go above and beyond this weekend, which means an absolute killer show and best of all if you like baseball you’ll be able to catch the game on mute. And that means no Tim McCarver or Joe Buck.

Mp3: Ryan Montbleau Band – “Maybe Today”
Mp3: Ryan Montbleau Band – “This”
Mp3: Ryan Montbleau Band – “City (Begin)”

Their new album Patience on Friday is out now. Tour dates after the jump.


26 New York, NY Knitting Factory
27 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club
28 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club


1 Canton Java Barn St. Lawrence University
2 Plains, PA River Street Jazz Cafe
3 Syracuse, NY Mezzanotte Lounge
7 Cleveland, OH Beachland Tavern
8 Bowling Green, OH Howard’s Club H
9 Chicago, IL Schubas
10 Madison, WI The Annex
11 Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall
12 Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry
13 Eau Claire, WI The Stones Throw
15 Bozeman, MT Zebra Cocktail Lounge
16 Moscow, ID John’s Alley
17 Seattle, WA High Dive
18 Portland, OR The Goodfoot
19 Eugene, OR John Henry’s
20 Ashland, OR The Mobius
24 Los Angeles, CA The Hotel Cafe
25 San Diego, CA Winstons
27 Salt Lake City, UT The Urban Lounge
29 Park City, UT The Spur Bar & Grill


1 Englewood, CO The Falcon
7 Dayton, OH Canal Street Tavern
29 Utica, NY The Electric Company
30 Keene, NH Colonial Theatre
31 Keene, NH Colonial Theatre
2-night New Year’s Eve run with friends Assembly of Dust

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  • Ace Cowboy October 26, 2007, 8:25 am

    As it goes on, this could really end up being the night the Sawx win the World Series (jinx, please!).

    But it’s interesting — we posted this the other day and there’s been this overwhelming outpouring of support for Ryan in the comments section. It really just serves as a testament to how a small group of a band’s fans are usually the vocal minority. From the comments it seems like he’ll get a full house – sadly, I doubt that’ll be the case. Best of luck to him, though.