Scott Weiland to pen a tome for us


Scott Weiland, former frontman for Stone Temple Pilots and now leading the way for Velvet Revolver, has signed a publishing deal for his autobiography. Seems like his bandmate Slash is wearing off on him.

“It’s a weird thing,” the Velvet Revolver frontman told reporters backstage at the American Music Awards. “You make a lot of records, write a lot of songs, but all of a sudden you go into a whole different vein, and it’s a little bit scary to dive into.”

I don’t believe he was trying to make a heroin pun with the going into another vein, but I’ve taken the time to translate that quote, which if you don’t understand rock star roughly translates into drugs, drugs, drugs; sex, music, drugs, drugs, drugs; more music, more sex, lots of money; lots of drugs, drugs, drugs; think about music, think about sex; drugs, drugs, heavier drugs; no money, drugs, drugs, drugs; wonder how I woke up and lived to the age of forty; decides everyone else must be wondering the same thing; write a book; drugs, drugs, drugs; sex one more time; drugs . . . die.

Weiland, 40, said he would collaborate on the project with David Ritz, the “Sexual Healing” lyricist who has co-written autobiographies for the likes of Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and most recently Don Rickles. He did not reveal the name of the publisher.

But you’ve just read the Weiland biography, so why wait for the book.

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