Season 1 of “Dinner With the Band” now available on iTunes

This is a pretty cool announcement. We’ve been digging on this internet only show, which combines our duel love for food and music. Celebrated hipster chef Sam Mason, who’s done pastries for Wiley Dufrusene at WD-50 and now operates his own restaurant Tailor, has an easy going demeanor as he cooks and interacts with some of the coolest bands in NYC.


One wonders if Mason hand picked all the bands that appeared this season, but it’s nice to get a little food and some live performances. Every episode is shot on location at Mason’s apartment. Thanks to Brooklyn Record for the above photo and some cool background info on the show, which I didn’t really know until about five minutes ago.

I’ll say one thing, it sure as hell beats watching any of the shows you’ll find on PBS (with the exception of Yan Can Cook!) or The Food Network.

The entire first season is available for free at iTunes. Grab it while you can and watch it when you want.

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