Selfish Jean

Remember that weirdly addictive site Group Hug from a few years back?? You know the insanely addictive one where people could log on anonymously and rant about the small size of their balls or how they plan to take advantage of the guy in the next cubicle over?

In many respects Scottish rockers Travis aren’t exactly the kind of group you’d expect to do something eerily similar.? But they have as a sort of viral promotional thing.? And as far as viral promotional things go, well, this is snazzy.? It’s for their new single “Selfish Jean” off of one of our fav albums this year The Boy With No Name.?

Basically, you head over to Selfish Jean dot com and you can confess a selfish act or report one, even upload videos if you’ve got one.

The Fran and the lads will give you your penance and you’ve got to repent for your selfish behavior.? Kudos to them for an oddly enjoyable and creative promotional thingie.


The video stars The Daily Show’s Dmitri Martin.

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  • Melina December 20, 2007, 10:09 am

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader