Sex Pistols Reunion kicked off last night

We’re so angry, we just want to scream and rebel and take it to the man! Of course, that plays out well when you’re 20 and hopped up on booze and drugs and angry at life, but when you’re 50? Not so much.


Regardless, punk legends The Sex Pistols are getting their ticket punched on the Aging Rock Reunion for Cash Money Express. The band, led by Johnny Rotten, took to the stage last night and performed lots of their best known songs at Brixton Academy in South London.? Their set clocked in at just over an hour.? How very punk.

According to the Reuters story:

Early reviews in Friday’s newspapers were positive.

The Guardian called the show “hugely entertaining” and the Times described Lydon’s performance as “a splenetic, spitting drizzle of gurning invective.”

The Independent’s critic concluded: “His (Lydon’s) songs’ unquiet, accusatory lyrics still made themselves heard; and their old fury still burned.”

However, with that in mind, the fans have spoken out over at Gigwise, and accordingly they think the show sucked.

?Went last night. They were shite to the point of embarrassing. I?m aware that some might say ?well that?s the point, they were never good?, but honestly, save your money and put Never Mind the Bollocks back on the CD player. Worst gig ever.?

You can read all the comment thread here.

Not sure what people were expecting because this is like riding Amtrak. You get all excited about riding on the train and then halfway through when you realize it woulda been cheaper and faster to fly, you keep thinking how much the train sucks and why you even thought it might have been a good idea in the first place, in other words it’s always a trainwreck.

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