She won’t be lost anytime soon

Laura Veirs – “Don’t Lose Yourself” (Mp3)

This isn’t even my favorite song on Portland songwriter Laura Veirs latest record.? There are too many amazing one’s to choose from.? I love the programmable beats in the first verse with the heavy guitar strumming before giving way to a gorgeous piano.? Even Veirs’s voice sounds like it’s about to disappear as it wavers through the verses.? The chorus: “don’t lose yourself/don’t let yourself be lost” could pretty much apply to anything even to the song itself. ? It doesn’t however, but we’ve all been to a place of questionable ethics or decisions.? Like I said, this isn’t the most enjoyable song of her new record, but maybe it’s just the most important one.


Laura Veirs’s new record Saltbreakers (Nonesuch Records) will almost certainly be on my list of yearend albums.? It’s just so accomplished and wonderful and full of unexpected delights and pleasures.? It’s constructed like all great albums should be as it ebbs and flows through slow-tempo contemplative tracks and upbeat tempo rockers, it makes you enjoy life and think and feel in ways that only exceptional music can.? Big kudos to her.

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