Slim Shady runs out of ideas decides people won’t see this coming

Marshall Mathers, ney Slim Shady, ney Eminem clearly has been out of the spotlight for a while. How else to explain this bit of strange news. Seems Broadway superduper show creator Andrew Lloyd Weber wants to recruite Shady for a new Broadway musical. Huh? What?

I guess Shady has reached the “I’m Keith Hernandez” phase of his career where he’ll make a Broadway musical in order to be incendiary.

Eminem is being lined up for a possible future collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber on a musical.

The legendary composer has been speaking of his admiration of the rap superstar, who he has met and believes is “very intelligent.”

And misogynistic, homophobic, okay, we’ll give him funny.

Webber, the brains behind such landmark Broadway productions as Cats, Phantom Of The Opera, and Joseph & The Amazing Techicolor dreamcoat, says he would “absolutely” love to work with Marshall Mathers.

Speaking about a possible collaboration, he admitted: “I don’t know him well, but I have met him and think he’s very intelligent. I would think he’d probably want to do his own thing [though],” he told Heat magazine.

We’re speculating this won’t amount to much of anything. But we’d sure love to see 8 Mile come to Broadway. That’d go over real well with the “Cats” or “Starlight Express” audience.

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