Sly Oyster Exclusive: The Marvin Heemeyer Experience

Everyone has one of “those” friends; the kind of guy who inexplicably shows up at your house at 2 a.m. and drags you out of bed for a night of debauchery and petty crime, the kind of guy who just does whatever the fuck he wants without a care in the world, who loves pirates, who you are alternately scared of and admire.

Mic Beseda is that friend of mine. I first met him, in all places, during our year in Americorps. We were living in Charleston, S.C. and if you ask anyone from Class IX they’ll remember Mic. We became friends, I suspect, from my own desire to get intoxicated, rebel rouse, shoot pool, and listen to rawk music. It was a great year mostly because of the unexpected joy he brought. There are few people in this world that just live their life without a thought to tomorrow and seeing that live and up close, well, it was like watching a documentary on the discovery channel every single day.

The year ended with Mic somehow convincing me it was a good idea to dress up like a clown and perform in an acoustic punk rock band during the Americorps talent show. Of course, I didn’t know how to paint my face like a clown, so I just ended up doing it like The Ultimate Warrior. The audience was terrified of us. Have you ever caused 3,000 people to just go silent in confusion? We did that. It didn’t help that Mic caused the one guy with musical talent to storm off the stage in protest before walking off the stage himself and leaving me to play bongos solo. Then, he threw a pie in my face. It was a night to remember.


We left Americorp and I’ve only heard from him occassionally. Drunken calls on Sunday morning or Tuesday afternoon from his outpost in Brekenridge, Colo. Then, unexplicably I got a small package in the mail from him containing a CD for his band The Marvin Heemeyer Experience. This is their debut album, Get Loud Get Proud Get Plowed.

I won’t even sugar coat it. Nine out of ten people will not like this. However, I think Mic would want it that way. Extremely lo-fi, DIY, cut in a basement on a whim. I didn’t know he could play an instrument but after listening to the debut album, I’m inclined to say he still can’t play an instrument or sing.

I’m proud of him though.

But like all things, he don’t give a fuck (like the real Marvin Heemeyer), he just wants to play punk rock music. In a way, this is like listening to an early demo from a band that could be something, like the first time The Dead Kennedy’s put something on tape. They use about two chords, the songs last between 30 seconds and two minutes, but you can’t deny the energy. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this band goes on to become really huge or if they self-implode during their next concert.

Both the ceiling and the cellar have been erased and I can’t wait until the band knocks on my door looking to trash my apartment for a week, afterall when it comes to Mic Beseda I wouldn’t have it any other way. Trainwrecks are the best.

I’ve gone ahead, without their permission, to select the three best tracks from the album. I hope Summit County Hardcore approves.

Mp3: “Downstairs Lady”
Mp3: “Dick Cheney Skis in Jeans”
Mp3: “Summit County Hard Core”

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  • Mic mhe November 16, 2007, 9:20 pm


    you forgot to mention all the trouble we almost got in during the clown show(broken microphones, blacked out drunkeness), or all the other laws that got broken when driving back to our tents after visiting porn shops in a government issued van (mainly seatbelt laws if i recall). Either way, this site rules, and you never know when i’ll end up on the west coast.

    much love,