Snoop Dogg on Ellen

The Doggfather popped by funny gal Ellen back on December 4 to chat about his upcoming reality show and get funky with the audience of single ladies.? To be honest, “Sensual Seduction” grows on me everytime I hear it.? The song may not reach the g-funk heights of his early work, but the track makes me wanna wrap myself in purple velvet and break out my pimp cane in a way that few songs can.

Also, I love that this is Snoop’s idea of maturing.? Most musicians contemplate their own mortality or what it means to be a parent, etc., but Snoop?? Naw, his idea of being adult is making sure he takes the time for his lady to get hers before he gets his before rolling over to have a smoke.? That’s a complete 180 from his thoughts on the subject back in the halcyon days of Doggstyle.

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