S.o.t.D: The Hold Steady-“You Can Make Him Like You”

This is something new we’re trying out here in Oyster land.? Not sure how the format is going to evolve… It may just be titled song of the day, regardless what we’re trying to do is write about any song that moves us, grooves us and just gets plain stuck in our brain.

They’ll be available to download for a bit, but chances are some of you may already have these songs.? The idea is to be able to write about the music we love, in 75 words or less, not so much in a clinical sense [instruments used, song structure, lyrics, melody], but in an abstract sort of way.? Old songs, new songs, pop songs, whatever.? Some days there just isn’t any good music news out there but hopefully, this will keep our ears and writing chops sharp.? And expose you dear reader to new tastes.? We’re hoping this becomes recipricol, where you let us know the songs you’ve been listening to, and turn us onto new sounds.

The Hold Steady – “You Can Make Him Like You” (Mp3)? Craig Finn writes about a lot of familiar characters – downtroddens, drunks, wanderers, emotionally trainwrecked teenagers – but never is that more identifiable then here.? With lines as lazer sharp as “you can wear those sweatshirts and cover yourself like a bruise,” this track is about a fragile optimism.? You can always find other friends, or other scenes to fit into when things get bad.? In under three-minutes Craig Finn wraps you in warm blanket and lets you feel like everything is gonna be a-okay.

Also: Craig Finn was recently at Boston College for a sit down interview, in the style of Inside the Actors Studio.? Basically, BC invites alumni back to talk about their art, etc.? Didn’t know Finn went to Boston College, but it all makes so much more sense now that I know he went to the Jesuit institution.


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