Stosh “Piz” Piznarski took that Pitchfork internship

File this under weird, maybe even funny?? With CW’s “Veronica Mars” all but getting left on the editing floor (though the CW doesn’t announce its fall slate until tomorrow), it seems that the show is tying up loose ends for all the characters.? In last night’s episode, it was revealed that Wallace would be leaving for Africa (conveniently to get rid of his for a possible fourth season as well), and new Veronica love interest Piz would be taking an internship with either Pitchfork or KROQ.

Well, seems that the uptight music snobs at Pitchfork actually have, dare we say it?? A sense of humor?? Check out Piz’s first review for the site.? What do you think Veronica fans think, does Piz have a future in the music review biz?

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