Stream Live Concerts!

Bill Graham was one of the most well-known concert promoters from 1965 until the late 80’s.? Based in San Francisco, he brought some of the most legendary concerts to the Fillmore West, Winterland and the Fillmore East (NYC).? Now you can stream many of those concerts over at Concert Vaults.?? Among the list of bands? are of course: The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, The Allman Brothers and The Rolling Stones.

The site also features concerts from not only the Bill Graham archives, but the company also acquired the concert archives from “The King Biscuit Flower Hour,” a nationally syndicated radio show featuring interviews and live performances, and also “The Silver Eagle Cross Country” radio show.

What I never knew about Bill Graham is that he fought in the Army during the Korean war and was awarded both a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. ? Born in Berlin, his real name was Wolfgang Grajonca and he came to the United States after escaping Nazi Germany as a young man.

But back to the music.? There are a ton of great concerts to listen to, however you can’t really take them in your car or to the gym.? Thankfully someone over at this Phantasy Tour message board has been ripping the concerts for your listening (at any time) pleasure.

Sadly, after Bill Graham’s death in 1991 his promotions company ended up in the hands of Clear Channel and is now under the Live Nation banner.? All great things must come to an end, but at least these great shows live on.

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