Stream Ryan Adams’s latest LP

I think it’s against the law to write about singer/songwriter Ryan Adams without mentioning a few key phrases. They are in no particular order: “alt-country” (so you know his musical stylings), “troubador” (so you know he’s old school), “prolific” (cause last year alone he released three albums and he’s now released like a bazillion records in the past seven years as a solo artist), “Whiskeytown” (to score points with the hipster fans of his original punk rock meets country band) and if you’re feeling particularly in touch you might drop a “brash” or “used to be volatile now he’s mellowing” referrence.

Either way, don’t you love how we managed to include all those references and make fun of them at the same time! We’re soooo clever. Enough to include four O’s.

Anyway, Ryan Adams has another LP coming out next Tuesday. Easy Tiger finds Mr. Adams at a much calmer junction. The album has all of his trademark country leanings, but this one is smoother sounding, more introspective and laidback than ever. Much in the same way that Wilco’s latest LP “Blue Sky Blue” sounds as if they’ve become boring.

But that would be a mistake. Both albums, from Wilco and Ryan Adams, are highly enjoyable with enough treats to keep you coming back. Either one would be perfect for late nights with friends, when you’re sitting around trying to have one more beer, smoke that last cigarette and ramble on about something which only makes sense at 2 a.m.

The highlights of the album are closer “I Taught Myself How to Grow,” “Pearls on a String,” “Halloween Head” “Everybody Knows” and “Two.”

If you don’t already have Easy Tiger, out 7/26 on Lost Highway Records, you can stream the whole shebang at Much Music. (Via Stereogum)

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