Stream The Boss’s new album “Magic”

Quick! If you had to guess what the headlines for the majority of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band’s latest album reviews will be would you go with:

A) Do you believe in magic?

B) Springsteen’s latest is magical

C) The Boss’s new record casts quite a spell

D) The majority of newspaper album reviewers are on the downside of middle age and will no doubt give this album a glowing review out of loyalty to Bruce and the gang and the copywriters for said newspapers will go with the obvious puns for a headline


We need to get Matthew “Wooderson” McConaughey to play The Boss in a biopic stat!

With that said, we’re pretty excited for Magic, the new record to be released on Oct. 2 via Columbia (and on vinyl no less Sept. 25). His last record in 2002, The Rising, was a decent listen that had a fair number of great tracks. We’re expecting pretty much the same out of this one. A few gems, a few duds, a few tracks that just make us shrug our shoulders from indifference.

New York’s Q104.3 is streaming the album in it’s entirety. We haven’t formed an opinion yet on which are the best songs.

Take the jump for two videos for the first two singles, “Radio Nowhere” and “Long Walk Home.”Long Walk Home

Radio Nowhere

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