Stream The Coral’s latest – “Roots & Echoes”

We’ve long been fans of Brits The Coral. Whether James Skelly and Co. are bouncy between sugary pop gems like “Leizah” and “In the Morning” to more adventurous psychedlic (sea) fare like “Spanish Main,” “Auntie’s Operation,” “Bill McCai,” or “Arabian Sand” the band has always delivered. Sometimes they fall flat on their face, but you can’t knock them for thinking big and trying to live up to those high standards.

Often times they sound like a relic from the past. The lads have dropped their fifth LP, Roots & Echoes (if you’re counting the supposed non-album Nightfreaks and the Sons of Becker, which we do) and you can stream the whole album here.

From a first quick listen we like what we hear. Sounds like more of the same from the first single “Who’s Gonna Find Me,” the lamenting and delicate “Jacqueline,” the trippy and odd “Fireflies,” and the swanky “Remember Me.” Good stuff all around.

British fans might already have the 11-track album from the Liverpudlian lads as it’s out already in the UK on Deltasonic.

Roots & Echoes comes out in the United States TBD.

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