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Icelandic group S?gur R?s are one of the few bands that makes me wish I spoke a different language. I first came across them after reading an interview with Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, who insisted that the group was the best musical group in the world. Strong praise from someone who knows something about great musical acts; so I started going through their catalogue and was just blown away by their lush, ambient chamber music. It was like listening to flowing glacial snowcaps while dreaming.? At once harkening back to the classical music of the? Romantic period and paying homage to their own heritage.?? It was structural adventurous and melodic.

There really isn’t any appropriate way to write about the band without coming off as inadequate, as they are the one band that defies the written word. They have a new ablum out Hvarf/Heim, which is a double album featuring three new tracks and acts as a companion piece to their first movie, Heima. ?

The movie will be available on DVD on Nov. 20 and essentially it’s a concert DVD, with footage of their Icelandic homecoming.? You can see the trailer below, but the film just looks as wonderful as it no doubt will sound.

We’re digging it aplenty and we think you will too.


Stream the album: Spinner
Buy the album: Insound
Buy the DVD : Amazon
Trailer: Heima
Myspace: Sigur Ros

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