Sweep the Leg, Johnny!

This little bit of insanity was too good not to pass up.? Let me count the ways of awesomeness in the video “Sweep the Leg” by the rock band No More Kings.? One, it features the greatest principle in the history of American education playing a pizza shop owner.? I guess Mr. Belding took it pretty hard once Zack, Kellie, Screech, Slater, Jessie, Lisa and Tory (yeah, we’re not above giving a Tory shoutout!) left Bayside High.

Two, it’s an adept homage to the second greatest movie ever made, Karate Kid.? If you’re scoring at home the greatest movie ever made was and will always be the Michael J. Fox classic Teen Wolf.

Third, it’s from a California band that writes catchy pop songs about zombies, smurfs, and Daniel-san.? The passion of former Disney animator Pete Mitchell, No More Kings self-titled debut album was released on March 6.? According to the band website the album is “a happy celebration of the crazy times I grew up in. . . watching Knight Rider, Schoolhouse Rock and the Muppet Show.”

We’ll see if we can track down a copy of the album and let you know if it’s worth a gander.? But from the looks and sounds of their epic video, we’ll just let the band dole out a Flamingo Kick to the chin.

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  • CC March 15, 2007, 2:07 pm

    This video is so freaking amazing – I’m getting the CD today!!!