Talk about crocodile rock!

NME is reporting that Sir Elton John is being investigated in a child pornography probe all due to a few photographs he owns.

The singer owns a photograph of two naked young girls which was due to be part of an exhibition at the the Baltic gallery in Gateshead.

Northumbria Police were reportedly alerted by Baltic managers themselves, the day before five collections were due to be unveiled.

A statement on Elton John’s website states, ‘”Klara and Edda belly-dancing” by Nan Goldin was seized by police from Gateshead’s Baltic Centre on September 20.”

Weird. I guess you know porn when you see it. Goldin has been involved with this type of thing in the past. She’s well known in th art world for photographs of semi-clothed young girls. And in 2001 police were called to another of her gallery showings for the same thing. But it can’t really be porn if you’re not getting off on it? I’m guessing young girls aren’t doing it for Sir Elton.

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