The Boss Catches on Fire

Last night for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s show up in Ontario’s Scotiabank Place you get the sense that a huge musical torch was passed as Win Butler and Regine Butler joined The Boss up on stage for two songs, “State Trooper” and “Keep the Car Running.”

Now, unlike say, when The Boss played with the Wallflowers at the 1997 MTV video awards for “One Headlight” and basically destroyed the career of Jacob Dylan by acting like the cagey veteran who won’t be put out to pasture; this time around it seems as if Bruce is recognizing the next great musical band.

As the retardedly excited people in the video say it best, “Oh my god! What the f–k!?!” Video is via Trendwhore. Great job at capturing this moment.

State Trooper

Keep the Car Running

The Boss’s complete setlist from the 10.14.07 show after the jump.

01 “Radio Nowhere”
02 “The Ties That Bind”
03 “Lonesome Day”
04 “Gypsy Biker”
05 “Magic”
06 “Reason To Believe”
07 “Adam Raised A Cain”
08 “She’s The One”
09 “Livin’ In The Future”
10 “The Promised Land”
11 “Tougher Than The Rest”
12 “Backstreets”
13 “Darlington County”
14 “Devil’s Arcade”
15 “The Rising”
16 “Last To Die”
17 “Long Walk Home”
18 “Badlands”
19 “Girls In Their Summer Clothes”
20 “State Trooper”
21 “Keep The Car Running”
22 “Born To Run”
23 “Dancing In The Dark”
24 “American Land”

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