The Bosstones are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(courtesy of Phish4Rob)
And hell yes that deserved like 17 exclamation points.? As excited as I was for the new Radiohead album, the pure joy and emotional reaction to this news, well let’s just say there was an uncontrollable smile, goosebumps and tears in my eyes.? When it comes to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, I’m sorta like the Britney Spears gay dude.

I am totally gay for Dicky Barrett.? And plaid.? And Ben Carr, the Bosstone’s personal dancer.? Okay there, I said it. No word yet if the original lineup will be in tact with Dr. D and Nate Albert.? But holy frakking cow!? One only hopes this means a new tour, a new album, etc. etc. ? WBCN broke the story this morning.

From the band’s website:


After a four+ year break in the action the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are geared up and ready to make some MORE NOISE!!! The band will mark their return to action with HOMETOWN THROWDOWN #10 @ the Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA December 26, 27, 28, 29 + 30. Tickets for the now legendary, ultra-intimate holiday home stand will go on-sale through Ticketmaster on Friday, October 19 at 10AM. Advance tickets for all shows are available without fees or service charges at the Middle East Box Office (open 1pm-7pm EST daily) located at 472 Mass Ave. in Cambridge, Central Square stop on the Red Line. All shows are 18+ and there will be a two ticket limit per show.?

The best part of this news is that Hometown Throwdown #10 will be taking place at the venerable Cambridge instituition.? No more of this Avalon shit. ? Right now I’m literally having a panic attack about getting up on Oct. 19 to get tickets.? We’ll keep you posted.

Video evidence of The Bosstones’s pure awesomely awesomeness after the jump.

Devil’s Night Out

Back before Boston became a nice sanitized version of itself, it was kinda cool and dangerous.? Sort of like the career trajectory of the Bosstones (who coulda predicted these guys would be the talked about band in 1997?)

The Rascal King

Detroit Rock City

Just an absolutely balls out cover of this already great tune.

Don’t Know How to Party

Might have to follow the ole You Tube link to watch this one, but keep a close eye for a Peyton Manning cameo at the :47 sec. mark.

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