The Coral announce new album

The Coral, straight from the shores of Liverpool, England, were hailed as one of the next big things in British music when they dropped their self-titled album in 2002. It was an odd collection of seaside chanty music, with tinges of classic 60’s British psychedlic rock. It was an audacious debut album, especially considering the band members were in their early 20s and late teens. Frontman James Skelly was the oldest at 22.

Since then, the band has put out another three albums, none of which created the kind of buzz or delivered on the promise of that first album. One wonders if it’s because with each new album they’ve dropped the chanty influences, producing a more pop sound. Each album has charted well, however, landing in the top five, with their fourth album The Invisible Invasion (2006) landing at #1.

It’s odd that the band has never had any real breakout success here stateside, given their success in England. Their music seems tailor made for it, but they’ve largely been ignored and it’s a shame. With the exception of mini-album Nightfreaks and the Sons of Becker (2004), which is a dense and often difficult collection of songs to get into, The Coral’s catalogue of LPs prove to be immensely enjoyable and rewarding.

The group has announced their latest studio creation, Roots and Echoes, will be made available on August 6 via Deltasonic Records. The new single has also been kicking it. “Who’s Gonna Find Me” returns the band to the sound off their first album. It’s comforting, but also seems repetitive, as if the band is scared they haven’t had the success they should stateside and so they are returning to the one album which has proven to be their biggest success. Whatever their motivation it’s a great song and gets us excited for their new album.

The band will no doubt bring the new material with them to Glastonbury and also on a few tour stops with the Arctic Monkeys. Thanks to IGIF for the heads up.

Mp3: The Coral – “Who’s Gonna Find Me”

And a smattering of other songs off previous albums, just to get you excited as we are.

Mp3: “So Long Ago”

Mp3: “Goodbye”

Mp3: “Venom Cable”

Mp3: “Pass It On”

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