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It’s been a pretty odd week.? We weren’t able to do anything on Monday, and today is sort of shaping up to be one of those days as well.? Plus it’s steamier than a cleveland steamer here in The Hub.? Seriously?? It’s been an ongoing debate as to who sweats more: a prostitute in church or me?? Yesterday, I decidedly went with the prostitute, but today, I’m not so sure.

So we’ll just apologize.? Admit we’ve been slacking and shower you with a laundry list of flotsam and jetsam to dig into.? We do have reviews coming up for a few movies, one of which is “Afro Samurai.”? Which, really is a judge-a-movie-by-it’s-title sort of thing.? And we already decided it was awesome upon purchasing it, and we were slightly relieved to have it live up to it’s billing.

– Rivers Cuomo and the boys from Weezer? have a new album in the works.? Seems that they’re headed back into the studio to record their sixth album.? Which is fine by us, but this time Weezer needs to deliver the goods.? They really haven’t put out an album worth listening to since Pinkerton.? The past three albums have all had some good tracks, but I can’t say I ever really want to listen to any of them.? No word yet on if the demo track “Pig” will make it on this record.

Pageblank is spot on about The National.? I’ve been trying to put my finger on just how come I can’t get into them and Matthew nailed it.? Plus he makes a compelling argument for loving Spoon in the same essay and that’s something we can get into.? Not that I don’t enjoy The National, it’s just that, well, when so many people rave about them you start to wonder if there’s something wrong about not raving about them and just thinking they’re an okay band.

– Cracked has a look at the 25 most ridiculous names in rock history. ? We’ll save you the suspense as !!! is the big winner, or loser.? In case you haven’t heard of the band it’s pronounced chk-chk-chk …

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are coming back to the states for a fall tour. ? It starts at Lollapalooza and ends at Voodoo.

-? In case you didn’t make it across the pond for this past weekends Glastonbury Festival, which we’re guessing you didn’t, then check out video of live performances here.? Not to be missed is Lily Allen (with an appearance by The Specials), The Go! Team, The Coral, Bloc Party, Gogol Bordello, The Hold Steady, Hot Chip, and Iggy and the Stooges.? Among many, many other performances.

– Not for nuthin’ but if you’ve wanted to know why we love music, then watch The Hold Steady’s performance.? Yes, they sound like Bruce Springsteen, but damn it’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a full-fledged “makes me wanna air guitar” band.

The Verve are back as well, but that’s not nearly as exciting as Weezer.

– Stevie Spielberg seems to be keeping Indy fans happy.? They’ve already released some production videos from the set.? Probably only worth it for true die hards.

– Speaking of, we haven’t seen the new John McClane flick, we’re thinking about heading over tonight but you won’t read a better review, and by better we mean a more entertaining review, than Vern’s AICN review.

-? Ever wonder what the difference between the G1 Transformers toys and the ones Hasbro is rolling out for the new flick?? Well Maxim has you covered.

-? And because of cross-platform strategies, we’re also going to get another Transformers animated show, only this time our trusty Autobots aren’t going to be fighting Decepticons, they’ll fight evil humans.? I’m speechless, honestly, we haven’t seen a misstep this big since making Live Free or Die Hard a PG-13.

– We’re done theorizing about Lost.? It’s clearly a lot smarter than I’ll ever be.? This is the best theory on the show I could find and clearly this man is also a lot smarter than me.

– Stanford University’s 2007 commencement speech.? It makes me sick to read what he says, but then I kinda agree with a lot of what he says.? Then I feel guilty for being a passive consumer.? Sigh. ? And a contrarian take on his speech.

– Slate has a great history of movie concessions.

– Turns out it’s true that my Big Sis Oyster really is smarter than me.? We’ve always long suspected, but now there’s proof.? The good news is I’m better looking.

– Tony Blair stepped down and Britian has a new leader by the name of Gordon Brown.? Oh yes, he’s also from Scotland.? And that was the sound of? Longshanks rolling over in his grave knowing William Wallace just had the last laugh.

– The Boston Herald has a look at Wilco’s catalogue.

– Cinematical has a look at seven movies that would inspire you to make a mixtape.? And unfortunately, they went for seven obvious choices.? And it’s a shame.

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